Sealth Uniform and Concert Attire

Proper attire is required for participation in every performance. Students who are not dressed correctly may not be allowed to perform and/or their grade will be lowered as a result. Students that need assistance acquired any uniform pieces should speak to Mr. MacIntyre.

Concert Band Attire

Attire for school concerts and band festivals is listed below. If there is a problem gathering any of the below clothing items, please notify Mr. MacIntyre well in advance to ensure we can get you fitted with clothing before the performance.

  • Gentlemen: black long-sleeved dress shirt with a collar; necktie (any color); black dress pants (slacks or chinos), black belt, black socks and black dress shoes. Tennis shoes are not acceptable.
  • Ladies: Mid/floor length completely black dress (NO strapless, spaghetti straps, or mini-skirts please. Must go pass your knee when seated) OR black blouse with black skirt or pants and black shoes.

Marching Band

  • Uniform (pants, jacket, shako) – Each band member will be fitted for the official marching band pants, jacket, and shako at the beginning of the school year. It is the students responsibility to keep track of it and care for.
  • Black shoes – Comfortable all black shoes (no markings or stripes). Be sure that they are comfortable enough for you to march in and are all black.
  • Black socks (no stripes or other markings) – student must provide
  • Black T-Shirt—student must obtain a black t-shirt to be worn under the band jacket when in full uniform. The shirt does not need to be anything specific. Just as long as it is black under your band jacket.
  • Spats and Gloves—New members will be issued a set of spats and gloves at the beginning of their first year. After that replacement gloves or spats will be available for purchase at $2 a pair for gloves and $8 a set for spats. With minimal care (an occasional machine wash of gloves and a regular wipe down of spats after each performance) students should be able to maintain spats and glove in performance condition.
  • PLEASE NOTE—Band members with long hair must tuck their hair up into the shako (hat). If the shakos are not worn for a performance, long hair must be tied back using a hair-colored tie (no ribbons or scrunchies).

Pep Band

  • Polo shirt—Each member will receive a blue polo shirt at the beginning of their first year in band. Replacement polos are $25.
  • Black slacks— Comfortable docker type black slacks or dress pants.—student must provide.
  • Black shoes—Comfortable black shoe (could be same as marching shoe) – student must provide.