3 Easy Steps To Supercharging Your Drum Solos

The Internet has grown to be the world's reference library. Yow will discover more info about almost anything here. Perhaps tips on how to supercharge your drum solos could be of interest to you personally. There is certainly a considerable amount of interest in the best way to simply create, structure, and fly around your kit as part of your drum solos on the internet. There is lots of beneficial info you can access if you ever wanted to. Maybe this informative article will help you in some manner regarding how to create your own unique drum solos which will set you in addition to the common competition. If you have interest, read on and learn all about the way to structure and plan your drum solos in 3 easy steps.

The 1st step you will have to take is Never make the mistake of improvising on the spot. This will be crucial because you want to have your solo locked in subconsciously in order to "Fire At Will" when anyone yells "GO!". You will want to avoid an unstructured, lazy mental attitude that says "I'm good, I got it." but when the time comes you are all THUMBS and BUTTERFLIES.

You will need to do this initial step promptly, correctly and completely. Should you not complete it correctly, then you will never have a foundation to fall back on.

Your second step is establish your groove. Things to avoid here are overplaying of too much fluff, losing your audience and wandering around through your solo. You should avoid selecting more than one groove for each solo.

Your third step will be to combine your groove with your melody. This is really very important because your melodic elements will serve as hooks to your audience. Repeat it, and change it slightly each time your soloing around your kit to GRAB your audience. In order for them to cheer, clap, yell and go crazy for your solo.

Follow the steps just as outlined above and everything should go well. You will have handled creating your drum solo easily and rapidly and now you are on to other monster drum solo pursuits. Then pat yourself on the back! And relish the benefits and rewards of having your first presented, structured, detailed drum solo that you earned by your personal efforts!


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